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In 2014, Glenn Brown, MMSc, PT, ATC, SCS and Robert Price, PT, DPT, COMT, created a dynamic partnership to form CORE Physical Therapy and bring a superior level of service to the state of DE. We are C.O.R.E.-Center for Optimal Rehabilitation Excellence- and we are dedicated to helping people, be it returning them to normal or helping them perform at their best. Our hand selected team of experts is focused upon providing quality service that is personalized for our customers. We invite you to come discover CORE and unleash the power inside.


At CORE we believe that you need the right tools to accomplish your goals. When we sat down to decide what equipment we needed, it was our objective to have the means so that anyone who walked through our door would receive the best care. We have invested in rehabilitation equipment that no one else in the state of Delaware offers creating a combination of resources; such as the Humac Norm Mechanical Dynamometer traditionally known as Cybex (the machine used in the NFL combine); the Biodex Un-weighing Treadmill System;  the CMSI Humac Balance Measurement and Training System (which provides visual feedback and is interactive for all ages); an indoor batting cage and pitching mound (the only one in Delaware for PT clinics); video analysis equipment for biomechanical assessment; and other specialized equipment for the overhead athlete participating in activities such as baseball, football, and softball, golf, dance, lacrosse and many more. We are well equipped for any sport or activity.

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